The Tarn

The beautiful new book from Boe Marion and Jakob De Tobon

After working together on numerous editorials in the Nordic wilderness for Scandinavia S/S/A/W, creative director Jakob De Tobon and photographer Boe Marion decided to take their aesthetic all the way and make it into a book. Since the first image was taken in 2013 it has grown in to a tale about Mother Nature and our relationship to her. The book consists of 178 photos over 220 pages. Covered in rough moss green jute fabric it almost looks like a piece of nature itself.
Besides mountains, forests, meadows and lakes the books also includes top models Vanessa Axente, Kim Peers, Frida Gustavsson, Malaika Firth, Moa Åberg and Julia Hafström.

RL : Tell me what inspired you to make this book
The Tarn is a dream project that I have been longing to realize. For me as a designer a book is the ultimate format. This time in a very tactile way, all the way from the images that come alive on the raw uncoated paper to the cover that is wrapped in rough moss green jute fabric.. Boe Marion has been the perfect photographer for a project like this. The image manner that we have found during the 2,5 years long process of making the book is a beautiful bridge between fashion, storytelling and nature.”
jakob de tobon creative director

RL : What is ‘The Tarn’ about?
”Growing up mostly outside in nature, I had fantastic pictures around me all the time, but as a child these were living pictures, free and impossible to catch. The moments were stranded in my head.
Many years later I became a photographer, and by working on this book with Jakob de Tobon, I feel that we could bring you a body of work powerful enough that these pictures can come out of my head and onto paper as photographs.
I want The Tarn to feel like waking up in dewy grass, looking at the bugs crawling and flying, the wind touching every little pin and hair on them, moving anything that smells, sounds or rattles. This is my imaginative diary about nature.“
boe marion photographer