Lighter Than Hair

The Instagram creations of Dudi Ben Simon

Where in the world are you?
I’m a top creative executive at an ad agency signed on many familiar campaigns in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Where do you get the inspiration for your images from?
In most cases I see an object that I relate to (design, shape, colour or meaning) and then it’s a matter of minutes until the idea is born, if it doesn’t click, then usually the idea comes within the next day.
When I take pictures of people the process is similar, it usually involves the way they look that day (what they wore, their hair etc.)

You seem to have some regular collaborators, who are they? What is their relationship to you?
I like to work with the same people that know my craziness and understand my ideas. For example my niece, comprehends the idea and knows exactly how to pose.
Working in advertising by day, my ideas are driven toward a goal and my work is done within marketing formats – through this creation I find that there are no limits to the world.

Is it all just for fun, or do your images generate work for you?
Mostly it’s about  the pleasure, a hobby. Sometimes there is a meaning behind it,
 or a connection to a current event or message that I what to convey.

What impact has the success of your instagram account had on your life/work?
I get a lot of positive feedback and I’m enjoying it so far. People are very creative… 
a few days ago one of my followers sent me a huge painting that she made inspired by one of my pictures. 
People always ask me why I don’t present in a show. I have received several opportunities to sell my pictures and combine them in fashion. I have been thinking of a design website with a special concept. I’m open to any offer.